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Western Thrace News search:SearchPersecution continues in Western Thrace04 August 2019Turks of Greece honor late leader Sadik Ahmet25 July 2019PROFILE - Sadık Ahmet: Champion for rights of Turks in Greece24 July 2019Hate Speech by New Democracy Deputy Evripidis Stilianidis: The minority is a 'national problem'24 July 2019State persecution: minority foundations' property are being sold20 July 2019Western Thrace Turks will not forget July 1516 July 2019July 15th Western Thracian martyr (şehit) was commemorated in his village16 July 2019Millet News participates in the international conference “Voice4migrants”02 July 2019Turkey slams Greece for violating Lausanne Peace Treaty22 June 2019Another hit against the freedom of expression to the Western Thrace Turks in Greece13 June 2019FEP Party takes part in Politic Life of Greece08 June 2019Rintvan Ntelichousein elected Miki (Mustafçova) mayor03 June 2019FEP Party wins support of ethnic Turks in EP vote28 May 2019Christos Metios meets his stems and councilor candidates from the minority in Iftar25 May 2019UN Special Rapporteur on Minority Issues holds its first regional forum in Brussels15 May 2019ABTTF attended the annual meeting of FUEN Education Working Group15 May 2019View moreGo to top
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