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Western Thrace News search:SearchCouncil of Europe criticizes Greece on Turkish minority13 December 2018Turkish minority in Greece want their legal rights back12 December 2018Working visit to Council of Europe by Western Thrace Turkish Minority organizations05 December 2018Hate motivated attacks against Western Thrace Turks addressed in the OSCE 2017 Hate Crime Data03 December 2018‘Greece could reverse decision to cut Turkish lessons’02 December 2018Students protest Greek decision to cut Turkish lessons28 November 2018BATÖB Istanbul meeting starts on 30 November27 November 2018“Science Voyagers” project attracted great attention in Komotini08 November 2018Systematic uneducation in Western Thrace01 November 2018An exclusive and modest Balkan community: Pomaks17 October 2018A permanent military power in Western Thrace was demanded by Kammenos15 October 2018Western Thrace Turkish delegation is in Strasbourg11 October 2018GTGB former president Koray Hasan sentenced to prison04 October 2018Western Thrace Student Union (WTSU), (Batı Trakya Öğrenci Birliği-BATÖB) met in Istanbul.04 October 2018Board committees decided to reopen the schools04 October 2018Tobacco Production accounts for 42 million Euros in Western Thrace30 September 2018View moreGo to top
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